knowledge management systems

A Knowledge Management System is used to record pieces of information which solve common problems and/or provide you with competitive advantage.

A sizeable proportion of time in your organization is probably spent on looking up information needed to carry out daily activities:

  • Getting a new employee up to speed on a company system: "Every month or so we have someone new coming in and an experienced member of the team must spend half a days' time explaining the useful tricks and hacks to the newcomer."

  • Getting that very useful but tricky functionality working on the word processor: ask around the company, "Who was it that got it working last time? Can you come over for a few minutes to try it out again with me?"

  • Granting a new computer access to the network printer; "This is the fifth time I need to do this and every time it's a hassle because I can't remember the steps exactly and have to do some trial and error."

  • Asking guidance from a senior team member so as not to repeat the last blunder related to a failed data backup procedure: "Hello Mr. White, could you please come over to my desk and walk me through all the steps required to perform a full database backup?"

  • The list is endless, every business has their own issues which could feature here.

These are all activities that are unnecessarily cumbersome and time-consuming. A Knowledge Management System could help your organization harness this information and gain a significant edge over your competitors.