custom information systems

An information system is used to manage information in a precise way. In such systems, data is usually interacted with through the use of buttons, grids, menus and other so-called "widgets".

Some examples of successful information systems you have probably heard of are: Gmail™, which is an information system aimed at managing e-mails and contact data; Microsoft Project®, which is an information system designed for managing projects; all ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are information systems designed to help manage large businesses.

In the corporate world, information systems play a key role in cutting costs, making operations simpler and more effective (because computers have unlimited memory and ultra-fast processing speeds), enabling thorough communication (via the Internet) and so on.

It is often said (and we agree) that, whenever you can clearly define some process in your company, an information system can step in to automate, amplify and enforce that process.

Our area of expertise (and sheer enjoyment) here at KK is the careful crafting of online custom information systems aimed at solving problems which arise in the day-to-day running of small- and medium-sized business. We take on the challenge of making your business more profitable with a smile on our lips.

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