bueno is a no-nonsense approach to corporate knowledge management.

Many organizations rely heavily on their employees' expertise to carry out daily tasks. What usually happens (particularly in areas with high employee turnover such as I.T.) is that, once employees leave or are dismissed, precious information leaves with them and the process to re-acquire such information is very costly (if at all possible).

bueno helps you:

  • Retain valuable knowledge in your organization even when employees leave;

  • Create a quality culture whereby employees get positively motivated by the increased focus on quality and productivity;

  • Cut re-discovery time (time spent re-discovering things that were already figured out by another member of the team in the past) to zero;

  • Spread and make best practices easily available for all;

  • Benefit from the Hawthorne Effect, whereby people are encouraged to perform better just because their processes are being measured (i.e., made public on the knowledge base).

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